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I was thinking about the JFK assassination again the other day. I actually think about it quite often . It happened when I was sixteen and I remember the school took us all over into the gym and we watched events unfold on the tube. Teachers and some students were crying and so on. It was quite an event. However as events began to unfold in the coming days it began to dawn on me that it was very likely that Oswald may not have been guilty. The first thing was I remember was when Oswald was being moved from jail and the media was of course filming the whole thing. He shouted out "I didn't kill nobody". It was the way he said it that made me very uncomfortable of his guilt. I got real suspicious when Ruby killed Oswald. There were other events that unfolded in the coming days that reinforced my suspicions as well.
       I remember when Robert Kennedy was killed. That was when I knew beyond doubt that our own government killed JFK.       When Carter gave the Panama Canal back to Panama the anger that caused.       I remembered when Martin Luther King was killed. I really didn't care.       I remember when the Tet offensive started when I was in Vietnam. I left on a stretcher.
        One of Ronald Reagan's finest moments was when he invaded Granada and the indignant press asked why they were not invited along as they were in WWII. Regan's reply was "In WWII the press was on our side back then." One could hear the press screaming from coast to coast. Absolutely beautiful.I remember one day when I had just walked into the house and the tube was on and Clinton was making a speech. Before I could sit down he stopped and looked straight into the camera and said those ever famous immortal words that defined his entire presidency, "I did not have sex with that woman" , the most famous words I ever heard a politician say.
Just a few of the things that made life interesting....and Trump may well make life even more interesting.       

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I don't remember the Kennedy assassination. I was too young I suppose. 

I remember the nightly body count numbers during Viet Nam. They led to my first real conflict at the Baptist church my mother took me to.

I remember Reagan getting shot. I was working in Memphis on a construction site and was completely taken by surprise when it happened. 

I remember both Shuttle disasters; where I was and what I was doing when they happened. When the first one happened I was working on a construction project for a school. The second one happened after I was working for a contractor working for NASA. We had just returned from a plant visit for the vendor who supplied the hydraulic pumps used to control the flaps on re-entry. We had found some issues there and I remember thinking they could have caused the accident. It was not a good feeling. 

I remember 9-11 and the disaster it caused trying to get in the gate where I work. We had literally weeks of two-three hour waits at the gate coming to work while they went from almost no security to very tight security. I remember Bush's improptu speech from the rubble. 

I remember the invasion of Iraq and how surreal it was watching it on TV as it happened. I never see Wolf Blitzer without thinking of the audio broadcast of the bombs falling in Baghdad. I also remember Baghdad Bob and his pronouncements during the invasion. 

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A few things I would like to have seen; The southwest as Coronado saw it; The west as Lewis and Clark saw it; I would like to have been on Major powells grand canyon expedition. I would like to have seen mexico as Cortez saw it. The battle of gettysburg; The migration across the Oregon trail.etc.