2017 eclipse

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We will have a solar eclipse come through the area I live in on 17 August. The area of totality will only be about 60 miles wide . A once in a lifetime event .  I actually live about a mile south of the totality area  in a very small town .However Wyoming is ill equipped to handle the huge crowds anticipated. The largest city Casper, which is in the center of totality, is about 40000 people and they expect 50000 to descend on it. As of right now all accommodations in the totality are  booked solid.  This could turn into a real free for all. There will most likely be a huge number of people without accommodations. Wyoming is a prime area for viewing due to the small amount of air pollution and high elevation as well as the promise of a most likely cloud free event. The actual time of total blackout will be about 2 1/2 minutes. An event like this will no doubt bring a less than desirable element with it. Even the airports are trying to figure out where to park all the private planes they expect. This could be a very interesting event.

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I can only remember seeing one of these. I think it was in 1970. It didn't get dark here but the sun momentarily was almost perfectly covered by the moon. We had made little viewing templtates by punching a hole in a piece of paper and reflecting the sun on another piece of paper. I don't remember the details of how to do this as I was eleven at the time. 

I am sure if you are in the perfect spot you will indeed be inundated with tourists. At least they won't be there for long as we pretty much can predict exactly when it will occur. 
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